Dear Clients, Partners and Associates,
Welcome to damascus cargo, a leading cargo solution provider!

I feel privileged in welcoming you all to join me in writing a new success story. My aim is to reach out to the core market of cargo & I believe in “PEOPLE POWER” & have full faith & confidence in my team of professionals. I am sure they will take this company to the pinnacle of success. Since the commencement of our operations, more than a decade ago in the Middle East, Damascus cargo has rapidly expanded its presence in global markets through its own network of offices as well as strategic alliances with competent partners across the globe. Commitment in the form of customer service, client sensitivity and a thorough feedback system speak volumes about our team. State-of-the art web-based IT systems and our track and trace feature provide easy and quick data crunching and presentation and help our team reach you faster with reliable information.

As Chairman my goal is to lead this company by upholding the values it has cherished and by infusing modern techniques so that our customers continue to receive an unparalleled service of a world class standard. I am thankful to you all in general & our loyal customers in particular for their unconditional support.